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While most Albertans would say yes, a number of them may not. That’s because currently, there is no legislation that recognizes bullying or psychological harassment in the workplace. Calgary NDP MLA Craig Coolahan has tabled a private member’s bill aimed at protecting all Alberta employees from harassment in the workplace. This is a fact made even more troubling by how pervasive harassment and bullying is at work. A recent study showed 60 per cent of Alberta workers have been exposed to workplace harassment. Half of all victims of bullying or harassment will not report it to their company’s human resources department, and of those that do, 62 per cent say no action was taken on their complaint. We can do better. Albertans deserve a workplace that is safe from physical harm and the psychological and emotional damage that workplace harassment inflicts on its victims. I am very proud to have recently tabled private member Bill 208, the Occupational Health and Safety (Protecting Alberta Workers from Harassment) Amendment Act, aimed at protecting all Alberta employees from harassment at their place of work.

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