An Updated Examination Of Rudimentary Strategies Of Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System

Dr. Jason Sneath is a certified dermatologist and the only dermatologist in Brandon. In fact, he’s the only dermatologist between Winnipeg and Regina. With a high-demand specialization such as this, we’re very fortunate that Sneath set his sights on setting up a practice in Brandon. "I love downtown Brandon and always have. I didn’t grow up in Brandon, but visited often and when we did we’d always explore a bit. I had always thought that I’d maybe like to set up a shop here," Sneath said. "There hadn’t been a dermatologist in Brandon for about 10 years prior to my coming here, so I knew there was a real need in this area. When I was a med student, I thought that I might want to come out here to practise, so I contacted the health authority and it was actually back in 2008 when we made a deal. I still had all my training to do, so it’s been a few years in the making." Sneath’s practice, SKIN Clinics, is located in downtown Brandon at 1031 Rosser Ave. in what is known as the historic Chrest/Fraser Block that was built in 1890.

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